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We are Brompton Ventures, a London-based venture capital investor. We nurture young businesses and facilitate breakthrough technologies in gaming and gambling. If you have an opportunity then let's talk.

The Brompton way

We're good at what we do because we've been there ourselves, building something successful from the ground up. We can offer you and your business this expertise together with an investment of up to £5m.

And we promise to be:


No long-winded selection process, no layers of bureaucracy. No hedge fund or private equity fees. We connect great ideas and young enterprise with expertise and investment.


There are less barriers to investment at Brompton Ventures. We don't have restrictive criteria because we're willing to explore all kinds of opportunities and we love to talk. Why not call us now?


We know the gambling industry inside out. Successful entrepreneurs, strategists and generous collaborators all in one: you won't find a better group of mentors to help build your business.


We tell you what you need to hear and not what you want. Consider us your trusted business partner: considered, clear and transparent at all times.

Our portfolio

A great opportunity half way around the world

In June 2013 we invested in Finsa, an Australian contracts for difference and spread betting white label provider. ASIC regulated Finsa carries out the complicated risk management, technology and back office services for client facing financial service firms who want to keep a close control of their valuable customer lists and brands. In a market dominated by several large firms providing rigid white label offerings Finsa's nimbleness and flexibility will give it a big edge. We liked the investment because the way the CFD market works is similar to gambling which we understand and Finsa is setting its stall out to be different in a number of ways.

The investment was complicated with legacy issues coming from a previous investor. We were able to come up with the right deal that suited all parties in a short space of time, from introduction to completion the deal took ten weeks. Finsa is now well funded and taking on customers. We co-invested with a hugely experienced management team, led by Kevin Taylor (CEO) and Paul Gazzard (COO).

For more information on what Finsa does please go to

Meet our team

If you have an opportunity Matthew is your first port of call. He started out in the global markets division at Citi and then moved to HW Corporate Finance where he quickly progressed, working closely with successful entrepreneurs to sell their businesses. A keen mind with a knack for deal-making and a generous collaborator, Matthew can help you to sharpen your business plan, hone your strategy and secure the right level of investment.

What is your greatest skill?

Strategy. I am a keen planner.

What qualities do successful entrepreneurs have?

An iron will, thick skin and bags of energy.

What is the best advice you have been given?

Hire people that are smarter than you.

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The perfect match?

We like:

We look for opportunities in gambling and data businesses. We are happy working with start ups, pre-profit or established companies and don't mind if a potential deal is complex. We aren't restrained by a fund mandate. We don't shy away from advisor's fees if they bring us a great opportunity and we are happy to talk through ideas with anyone.

A few tips:

  • The more swiftly and succinctly your idea can be articulated, the more appealing it will be.
  • The more competent your core team, the more adaptable and successful your venture will be.
  • The better thought through your exit is, the easier it will be to plan the next few years.
  • The more robust your strategy, the more likely you are to stay the course to profitability.

Still with us? Then let's talk.

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